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We pride ourselves with our company design & development process, providing typically 3 staff on any Magento project. These staff consist of a Project Manager, Web Designer & Magento Certified Developer. They work full time on your project until it is complete, meaning the process is done much faster than many other Magento companies out there.

8 weeks is our approximate turnaround time on a typical project without any major custom feature/design work and also excluding any complexities arising / amends time / extension conflictions etc. However every job is different and some require more extensions, designing & custom feature work… all of which naturally increase the timeframe accordingly to the specified requirements.

Experienced Magento Project Managers On The Case

All our Project Managers are super experienced in dealing with website designers, developers & providing client administration training. This makes a BIG difference with how the project unfolds from start to finish and your customer experience with us will be a pleasant and enjoyable one.

Magento Website Designers

Initially the Project Manager will take your design brief, understanding your layout preferences with header, main body & footer etc. From there our designers create your home page draft for you to review and provide feedback. Once approved, they process the design and move onto your category/product design screens. Your website will be made responsive, taking into consideration your mobile/iPad look and feel.

Magento Certified Developers

All our developers are certified with Magento and they have a minimum of 5 years commercial programming experience with UK and International projects across multiple industries. We have no problem with installing extensions or building any custom made features you may require or even extending the core of Magento to provide the functionality that you REALLY want!

FREE 30 Days Magento Code WarrantyWarranty 30 Days

Once MCA developers have completed their work from our end of the project (not the go live date, the completion date) we give you 30 days warranty with the developed code. So any bugs or errors with your developed Magento code reported and verified from our end as a bug/error, we fix for FREE! In addition to this warranty, we have support packages available and you can pay as you go for what you need with other areas of Magento such as extension updates, security patch releases, hosting maintenance, ongoing back-end administration support & training etc.

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